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Jenison High School – Job Shadow for Students

Job Shadow Guidelines

 Press hard when filling out the form.  Check to be sure the last page is readable.

  • You may not shadow your own parent(s).  “Child to Work Day” does not count.
  • If you have completed a job shadow first semester, you can be excused from this if you turn in the paper work or get a signed verification fprms your first semester teacher.
  • Job shadow dates must be turned in at least TWO days in advance.  This will allow time to be properly excused. This absence will be school related and will not count against senior absences.
  • If you want the School to Career office to find you a contact, request forms are due in

5 school days ___________________. If you are scheduling your own placement, the request is due in 10 school days _________________.  If this request is not turned in by the due date, you will need to turn it in before completing the job shadow. It will not be worth any points.  The date of your Job Shadow must be turned in by the end of September (1st semester students) or the end of February. (2nd Semester students).

  • You need to fill in the answers to the interview questions.  DO NOT give to your contact and expect them to fill it out. Five (5) extra credit points for attaching a business card or letter head stationary from the contact person.
  • If you are at the tech center, it is your responsibility to get a copy of the completed job shadow form and take it to your instructor to be excused.
  • Final written assignment sheets are due three school days after your day of job shadowing.
  • You must be on the job shadow site for a minimum of three hours.  When turning in your request, the time you will be on your job shadow must include travel time.
  • Transportation is the responsibility of the student.
  • Your Job Shadow and written assignment must be completed and turned in the Wednesday before Christmas break (1st semester students) ________________________ or the first Friday in  May (2nd semester students) __________________________.


Show Best Side When Applying for a Job

  1. Bring your own pens.  Bring two black or blue pens of the same color.  Whether you are a walk-in applicant or have an appointment, nothing screams apathy louder than someone who has to ask for a pen to fulfill his or her purpose for coming in.
  2. Dress professionally. Trendy, high fashion is not usually professional. When you walk in to ask if we are hiring you are making that classic “first impression.” Look presentable. No sandals or flip-flops.  No shorts. No tank tops. No hats. No nose rings.  And comb your hair.  Ladies be sure your dress is modest.
  3. Fill out the application completely and correctly.  Answer ALL questions on the form.  If a question does not apply to you, never leave the space blank, write N/A.  This means you must know your Social Security number, where you went to school, the names of your previous supervisors and the phone numbers and addresses of all previous employers.  Write these things down, and keep them in your wallet.  Do NOT bring a phone book with you or ask to use one. If a section on the application does not apply to you fill in the first blank in the section with N/A.
  4. Grammar, penmanship and spelling count. Learn to respond to statements like “List reasons for any time of unemployment” with a full sentence instead of phrases like “out of work” and “no job.”  If you are given the opportunity to express why you would be the perfect candidate for this position, DON’T LEAVE THAT SPACE BLANK. Write neatly and clearly, and only use words you know how to spell.  Tell them positive things about you such as you are always on time and are a quick learner or that you are not afraid of a challenge and love working with people.  You do not have to write a paragraph, but this is another opportunity to make a good impression.
  5. Ask to see the job description. Most employers should have a copy on the job description handy when hiring.  If you just walked in off the street and asked for an application, be sure you know what you are getting into. If there is any part of the description you do not understand or have a problem with, ask to speak with the manager for clarification. Most retail jobs involve more than just standing at a cash register.
  6. Be enthusiastic. From the moment you walk in the door, have a positive attitude. Smile! When you turn in your application, ask if the manager is available and introduce yourself. Even if the store is not hiring at the moment, you can still make an impression by being assertive. Tell the manager what a great store he has and how you shop there all the time. Don’t be pushy or linger too long.  Just tell him not to forget you when hiring time comes around, and give a firm handshake. You can bet you’ll be on the top of the callback list.
  7. Be ready to work.  Everyone wants a job, but not everyone wants to work.  Once you are hired, stay enthusiastic. Live up to all the promises you made. Continue to dress properly, be on time, accept all new tasks with a smile and learn everything you can about the company. Even if this is a part-time summer job, by staying positive and enthusiastic, you are laying the groundwork for your future career.
  8. Before interviewing, prepare yourself. Make a list of general and job specific interview questions and write out answers and then practice.  Arrange for a mock interview with an HR person in your field. Have a friend or relative practice with you.

A part of you is reflected in everything you do.  From the smallest task to the most life-altering decisions, make sure that reflection shows your best side.