The Grandville Jenison Chamber Community Awards is a chance for the chamber to recognize and celebrate amazing residents in our community, both young and young at heart, who volunteer their time and talents and give so selflessly to their fellow neighbors. Below are the award descriptions and criteria.  Deadline to turn in nomination forms is Friday April 24

Jenison Citizen of the Year” and Grandville Citizen of the Year 

  • Nominee has made a significant contribution of concern to the social work profession such as at-risk or vulnerable populations; quality of life in communities; social issues. Demonstrates outstanding leadership. Exemplifies social work values and ethics. Must currently reside in Grandville or Jenison.
  • Activities or significant contributions that resulted in the improvement and quality of life for the residents and/or businesses of the Grandville/Jenison/Georgetown Township Community.
    A judging panel comprised of community leaders and members of the Chamber Board of Directors shall review each nomination and select a winner. [wpforms id=”9098″]

The Dennis Van Dam Outstanding Public Servant Award

Recognizes outstanding achievement in, and contributions to, public administration and public service serving the Grandville Jenison Communities.  Service may be tied to any public service environment (example; elected officials, police, fire, ambulance and government employees) that serves the Grandville Jenison Communities.

  • Currently serves in a public service environment — local, state, federal, serving the boundaries of the Grandville Jenison Chamber.
  • Candidates will be assessed on the extent to which they have made a sustained contribution to innovative, effective, and/or inspirational practice.  Candidates must have consistently demonstrated ethical behavior in public service.  Specific standards should include one or more of the following:
  • Innovation/creativity – The development and implementation of innovative programs or processes that positively impacted an organization.
  • Leadership – Ability to inspire, problem-solve, and move an organization forward while working productively with colleagues; a personal commitment to and demonstration of standards of excellence including the highest ethical standards.
  • Impact – Demonstrated accomplishments that have positively impacted their organization and or community.
  • Operational excellence – The implementation of significant changes or processes that enhanced work productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and quality [wpforms id=”9102″]

Good Neighbor Award

This award acknowledges and thanks those who continually demonstrate generosity, kindness and consideration towards their neighbors. We all know a a neighbor you can always count on. Whether your car won’t start, they plow your driveway or just are always there to say hello with a smile on their face, we would love to recognize them.

  • This award will be presented to one (1) resident or couple that reside in either Grandville or Jenison.
  • Nominees will not be considered for this award if their nomination involved monetary compensation or fulfilling duties of their employment.

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