J.R. VanderWall – Grandville City Council Candidate

I have called Grandville home for 12 years and am a current City Council Member, WCET-TV board member, and a member of the newly formed Environmental Sustainability Committee. I am also a former Planning Commission Member. My wife Ronda and I are downtown small business owners. We have two great children, Ty and Marley that both attend Grandville Public School and are 5th Generation Grandville Bulldogs.

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Can you give an example of how you have contributed to the community in the past?

Being a current council member, I’ve had a great impact on helping continue lead and shape Grandville into the great city it is. Being involved with council decisions that affect residents is something I don’t take lightly and I do my diligence to research the impact so the city as a whole can benefit. I love contributing to the economic growth by supporting other local businesses by being involved in the Chamber of Commerce  and the Downtown Development Authority as well.

What do you feel is the most important attribute you bring/would bring to the City Council and why is that attribute important?

My best attribute is my availability to the community. I live, work, shop and worship within the city parameters. Most of my time is spent in Grandville and my transparency to the residents to have their voices heard should be something voters would look for. I have a deep desire to serve the community and to keep Grandville and very desirable place to live.

Is there something you would most like to preserve about your community?  Anything you would like to change?

Preserving the parks, trails, waterways and access points to the city is very important to me. Being an environmental steward without compromising the fiscal responsibility is something I strive for. Creating more opportunities to be outdoors, plant more trees and walk through Grandville safely is something I’m passionate about working toward.

Do you have experience working in groups or with diverse interests?

Having already served on the City Council, this has given me great experience working with diverse interests and opinions. Also, being a small business owner, I work with many different employees, customers and other local retailers often. Being involved with Chamber of Commerce sub-groups, Planning Commission, and being a board member with many organizations, my success with working with others is very prevalent.

If elected, how will you be a positive representative of the City of Grandville and its citizens?

I feel that if voters should elect me, I would ensure that my positive representation because I already have a pulse on the city, it’s residents and the issues surrounding it. I’ve gained a lot respect of the current council and I’m dedicated to serving the community by actively engaging with residents. Being a local, small-business owner, a tax-payer and have children in the school district, I feel that my priorities protect the greatest assets of the city. I care about maintaining our high quality standard of living without compromising the fiscal responsibility that citizens rely on. I love our parks and am an active advocate for city beautification and connectability and creating more walkable areas of the city.