Meet the Candidate Jake Gascho


On Tuesday, November 3 Georgetown Township residents will be asked to vote for Township Board positions.  Voters will vote on Four Trustee Positions.

1) State your name, position running for and why you are running.

2) What expertise and strengths are you bringing to the board?

3) What specifically have you been involved in that has helped make the Township a better place?

4) Is there something you would like to preserve about the community?  Anything you would change?

5) Why should residents vote for you?

Jake Gascho, I am running for Georgetown Township Trustee.


I look forward to bringing my experience with healthcare to the board as well as my managerial experience.  With a fresh perspective from somebody starting a family here in Georgetown Township, I look forward to expanding on the ways that make our home a great place to live.

  We live in a fantastic area where the community helps each other and looks out for each other.  This culture must continue, it’s something that makes us special and unique.  Another thing that makes our home a great place to live is the affordability and low taxes.  We’ve historically been a cheaper place to live than our neighboring areas and that’s a fantastic selling point to draw in business and new families.  Our schools also are consistently receiving high marks for quality of education.

  We must be resilient and continue to invest to maintain our great education for our children.  Beyond just ensuring our schools have the resources they need, we can provide the community with healthy and educational options leveraging our beautiful parks with wellness courses.  These could range from educational resources at our library to physical activities at our parks when it is safe to do so again.  Further, fiscal responsibility has worked well for keeping costs low in Georgetown Township for some time.

 While in some areas that makes sense to continue doing, there are things that we can do to get a leg up on nearby areas.  We compete with more than just Grandville and Allendale, we’re competing with all suburbs of Grand Rapids to attract talent and entrepreneurs that will improve on our great town.  Spending on beautification and maintenance will pay dividends long term in bringing in more business.

 I believe a vote for me is a vote for the values that we hold dear in Georgetown Township.  The three priorities of my campaign are meant to reflect these values: Education, Health, and Compassion.



The publication of these candidate questionnaires by the Grandville Jenison Chamber of Commerce is not a commitment to either endorse or support a particular candidate, but is a reflection of our desire to acquaint our membership / residents with those individuals seeking leadership positions in the community.

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