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On Tuesday, November 3 Georgetown Township residents will be asked to vote for Township Board positions.  Voters will vote on Four Trustee Positions.

1) State your name, position running for and why you are running.

2) What expertise and strengths are you bringing to the board?

3) What specifically have you been involved in that has helped make the Township a better place?

4) Is there something you would like to preserve about the community?  Anything you would change?

5) Why should residents vote for you?

Michael Bosch – Treasurer

I’m currently serving as a Trustee on the board, I’m also on the Services Committee as well as the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the WCET TV Advisory Board. I’m currently running for Treasurer in Georgetown Charter Township. I am an Unapologetic Christian Pro-Life Pro-Family Second Amendment Loving Constitutional Conservative Republican American Patriot that believes in limited government, personal responsibility and fiscally conservative spending. I have lived and worshiped here in Georgetown Township for over 44 years now. My wife and I are raising our daughters here and I want them to have the same, an opportunity to live in a great community that’s financially stable with a focused vision for the future. I am a graduate of Jenison Public Schools and I received my Bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University. I also have a background in residential construction and automotive refinishing and repair.  I was a senior graphic artist for Adobe Systems Inc prior to starting my own graphic design & photography business in 1997. I am gradually shifting my focus to residential construction and investment properties. As a business owner in GT I fully understand the obstacles our businesses face and have been working on their behalf since being elected in 2016.

Over the past 3.5 years as a trustee I have been to EVERY board meeting, special and service committee meeting (I also attend finance, planning and utilities meetings, despite not being on those committees I always want to stay informed on all township items). I’m the ONLY board member with perfect attendance because I take my oath of office and my commitment to those who elected me very seriously! I have spent hundreds of hours researching proposed spending, going over monthly township bills as well as reviewing agendas looking for the most cost effective solutions that meet the needs of our community so I would be ready to go on day one if elected as treasurer, I’m a fiscal hawk. I spend 10-20 hours per week on township business, my base pay is $3,500 a year, I don’t do it for the money, I do it because I want to give back in appreciation for all that Georgetown has given me growing up and living here. Since being elected I have worked hard for our local businesses (and I’ve attended every ribbon cutting held by the chamber, even some for GT businesses that moved to neighboring townships/cities). I appreciate our local businesses, they provide a great service to our residents and also contribute a significant amount of revenue to our township and schools.

I have been fighting for the easing of temporary/permanent sign ordinances in our township so businesses have an opportunity to advertise their services/products, I received zero support. I’ve also been fighting against eminent domain and unconstitutional takings, sometimes I’ll get one “show vote” from a colleague but not often. I’ve also been an advocate for requests for sidewalk waivers where applicable (sidewalks to nowhere, a HUGE expense for business owners and developers). One business developer wanted a waiver for a new development that would have been a great asset to our community, his sidewalk would have been a sidewalk to nowhere since properties on both sides of theirs had none and never would. The sidewalk/fill cost for him to install sidewalks would be in excess of $250,000.00! I was the only board member in favor of granting the waiver and was outvoted. The project was cancelled, cost prohibitive…another future business in GT lost! I also fought for revision to an outdated industrial ordinance that was going to force a business to leave Georgetown. I proposed the revision, did my due diligence with PCI (building inspectors), our code enforcer, zoning administrator and Fire Chief to make sure the revision wouldn’t have a negative impact on our community. That revision allowed the business to remain in GT and expand, retaining that tax revenue and even more, a win for both the township, schools and business! I’ve also been proposing reducing our tax millage from 2.75 to 2.00 to help both businesses and residents, we over tax $1-2 million every year. I’m all for beautification in our township because it’s good for business and residents, but I’m against intersection beautification projects that have price tags of $500,000.00-$1,000,000.00 per intersection, we could do something very nice at 1/10th that cost. This isn’t Calabasas California, that’s money that could be spent for parks or projects that can actually be used and enjoyed by our residents. It’s all about vision casting, goals and cost vs benefit, not willy nilly blank check spending at taxpayer expense.

I would like to bring back what we had many years ago, a fiscally conservative board that listens to and works for our businesses and our residents. We’ve lost millions on failed real estate transactions and millions in never ending wasteful spending projects without involving our businesses and residents in these decisions. I don’t support “cherry picked” “ad hoc” committees to push an agenda, I want input from a true cross-section of our entire community. I would like monthly town hall meetings to gather true input from all residents and businesses (I’ve proposed them at every yearly goal setting meeting, again, no support). I would like to create a business committee with representatives of the board as well as actual business owners in our community to find out how we can work together as a team for the betterment of the entire community.

I would humbly ask for the vote from my residents and businesses in Georgetown because I’ve been fighting for you since being elected in 2016 and before. I have never forgotten who I work for, you the taxpayers. I have been and will continue to be your voice at the township level. You are my boss, I work for you. That’s what makes me a representative and not your typical politician. This is a pivotal election August 4th, we need to elect board members that work for and listen to our taxpayers. It has been an honor to work for the taxpayers of Georgetown Township and I hope to serve you as Treasurer in the future. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions – [email protected] Thank You, Michael Bosch


The publication of these candidate questionnaires by the Grandville Jenison Chamber of Commerce is not a commitment to either endorse or support a particular candidate, but is a reflection of our desire to acquaint our membership / residents with those individuals seeking leadership positions in the community.

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