Llongtime Chamber Member, Rich Williams is President and CEO of Williams and Company. He began his career in the financial services industry in 1989 working with American United Life. He holds Series 26, 63 and 65 securities licenses, and is an Investment Advisory Representative (IAR).

Recently, Rich was chosen for the his non-profit organization, University of Giving (U-Give). The University of Giving looks to maximize giving by connecting students, charities and donors. A donor will contribute money to U-Give and that money will be given out by a class of students. Students break off into groups and present a local charity that they feel deserves the money. They look into the charity’s mission, how the money is used, and what impact they have on the community. Once all the groups present, the kids vote and the top six groups move on and present again. In the second presentation the groups bring in someone who has been impacted by the charity. Once again the class votes and the top three groups move on to the finale. At the final presentation the groups brings in someone from the charity and presents again. The class votes and the top three groups get awarded the money which is then given out by the donor. The whole project gives students an in depth look at charitable giving and philanthropy and has really made an impact on their lives as well as everyone else involved with the project.

Rich has lived in Ottawa County for more than 32 years. He and his wife, Cindra, have three children and four grandchildren. From early in his career, Rich has expressed great satisfaction in the work he does. He maintains a strong work ethic and high ethical standards as he helps people navigate the complex road to retirement. In addition to attending to the needs of his clients, Rich serves on the President’s Advisory Council at Northwood University and is an active members of the Sunnybrook Country Club.

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