Amber English

My name is Amber English and I am a graduating senior at Jenison High School. Throughout high school, I was involved in Student Council, volunteering at my church, National Honor Society, and Varsity Soccer. Following high school I plan to attend Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA to study Interior Design. I am honored to be receiving this reward and look forward to continuing my education over on the west coast!

Bernardo Saldivar

About myself:
My name is Bernardo Saldivar, and in my free time, I like to solve Rubik’s cubes, play piano, and on occasions, compete in video game competitions. I try my best in school, and I try even harder on the track field and cross country course. I can hold my breath for three and a half minutes, I love my family, and my motto in life is: if I’m going to do something, I might as well do it well! In University, I plan on studying mathematics where hopefully I can discover solutions to global and computing problems and inefficiencies.
Leadership is important to me because I’ve always experienced the “other end of the stick” as the youngest sibling in my family. From my experience, bossing around other siblings is harmful to both parties in the long-run, and treating others just as you would treat a friend is exactly how one can lead most functionally.

Khaledur Rahman

Hi! My name is Khaledur Rahman I prefer Khaled, I was born in Bangladesh where I grew up. When I turn sixteen I moved to the United States, to build a better future. I have four siblings and my all family lives in Bangladesh. I am the first generation of my family member going to college and I am the only family member, moved to the US and I am living with a foster care family. My foster parents are always helping me and support me. I played soccer at Grandville High School for two years and track and field. I was a National Honor Society student for two years, and English Is my second language, my primary language is Bangla. I am really happy and proud of myself for all my accomplishments. 

Now I am done with high school and my future plan is to go to college earn a bachelor’s degree. At first, I will start with GRCC for two years and then I will transfer to the Western Michigan University and I am Majoring “Aviation Technical Operations”. Because I like engineering and Airplane so I decided to be an Airplane technician.