We are proud to participate in and recognize the month of October to be Michigan Chamber of Commerce Month,  The Grandville Jenison Chamber is proud to play a significant role in collaborating with Business Leaders,  Elected Officials, Educators, Organizations and Citizens serving as a resource for businesses large and small.

Chamber of Commerce Month gives us a reason to toot our own horn, on how we are making significant contributions in our community.  With that being said, here is a small glimpse of what our Chamber is doing to support this role!

Promotion and Support of Local Non-Profits and Community Events – Our 450+ Members support and encourage the collaboration of local Non-Profits and Businesses that give so generously to our Community.  Whether it be promoting our Local Veterans and VFW Post 702 ,  Love Inc.’s Annual Fundraiser  , Sunset Home Services Community Wellness Classes, or free Community Events such as Downtown Grandville’s Fall Fest  partnerships are vital to a vibrant thriving community.

Business to Business Networking –  The Chamber has three Leads/Referral Groups that bring together like minded professionals building their business by business referrals, client to business referrals, and great business connections.  A CEO Round Table and a local Toastmasters International Club.

Partnerships with Educators – The Grandville Jenison Chamber is partnering with local Educators in both Jenison and Grandville Public Schools.  Our hope and desire is to create a unique partnership between local business and educational leaders to build a collaborative foundation for local students to explore numerous career pathways that lead to personal growth and local employment.

 ​Why is it a priority of the Grandville Jenison Chamber to Develop and Nurture Partnerships between Educators and Businesses?

  • Develop a positive relationship between the school and community businesses.
  • Provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge about career paths.
  • Provide the community with graduates who are knowledgeable of the available careers within West Michigan.
  • Provide students with positive role models within our community.

In what way can a business contribute to the partnership?

  • Guest Speaker: Speak to a class on a topic related to an occupation/business to facilitate a connection between curriculum and the world of work.
  • Join students for new 2018/2019 event – Coffee with students.  A one time commitment.
  • Job Shadow/Tours: Allow students to tour the actual workplace.

What is the process for engaging in a partnership?  Contact: Contact Sandy LeBlanc, Executive Director |  Grandville Jenison Chamber, 2939 Wilson, Suite 106, Grandville | 616.531.8890 | [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions about our Chamber! 


Sandy LeBlanc, Executive Director – Grandville Jenison Chamber

About Chamber of Commerce Month

Chambers throughout Michigan are scheduled to participate in this year’s event. “Michigan Chamber of Commerce month is an opportunity for Chambers of Commerce around the state to celebrate their accomplishments and promote their roles in positively impacting their local economies through the creation of new jobs and new tax revenue,” said Rich Studley, President and CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Chamber Representative of Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals (MACP).  “We have Chambers that represent large metropolitan areas as well as those that represent smaller communities, but all of them have a substantial impact on their respective communities.  Their collective efforts have helped position Michigan as the number one state in which to do business.”

Michigan Chamber of Commerce Month is coordinated annually through MACP, which is based in Lansing.  MACP is the industry association for chambers of commerce in Michigan. Its’ mission is to build excellence in Michigan chambers of commerce through: organizational support for chambers of commerce; continuing education and professional development for chamber executives and staff; promotion of chambers of commerce as an industry and profession; and best practices and innovation models. For more information, please visit