The Huizenga Huddle:  March 29, 2017
Health Care Update

I’m very disappointed we couldn’t reach consensus on repealing ObamaCare last week. Over the past six years, I have consistently heard from families and small businesses across West Michigan regarding how they have been negatively impacted by higher premiums and fewer choices all because of the “Affordable” Care Act. While the American Health Care Act was by no means a perfect bill, I believe it was a step in the direction of achieving greater health care flexibility and lower costs for West Michigan residents.On Monday, I discussed the future of health care in America with the Grandville-Jension Chamber of Commerce. At the meeting, Mary shared her story detailing how ObamaCare caused her premiums to soar by 150% compared to her old plan, while her deductible and co-pays both doubled. Mary said, “I work 60 hours a week to cover expenses and take home a little money to live on. I pinch every penny I make and now the government is taking 40% of my income to cover healthcare? My cancelled plan only took 12% of my income. How is this ‘affordable’?” ObamaCare has failed Mary, and unfortunately because of how the system is structured, there are far too many stories like hers.