Content Marketing for SEO

After you have identified your Ideal Client Opens in a new window and their pain points, it is best to write blog articles which will demonstrate that you have skills that can solve problems for them, right? Right. By nature, these articles will include the keywords that capture the attention of people who want to hire you to help them.

Remember, it takes at least 7 times for someone to engage with your brand before they become your client. There are statistics out there which state it has increased to 9 or 10 times because of all the “noise” and distractions we have today. These articles are posted on your website, then shared on your favorite social media, and also inserted into your monthly electronic newsletter to your database. BOOM – well thought out content shared with your contacts.

Writing articles (blogs) is the best way you can share your knowledge, capture attention, and gently walk potential clients back to your website for more information.  By nature, they are using keywords that resonate and prove your knowledge. Don’t be afraid – blogs are easy! 350 to 400 words of great information is only about 2 or 3 healthy paragraphs. You can create that in a 7 minute conversation with anyone because you know your stuff, right? Right.

Now, simply list your knowledge in an outline and start writing for each headline. Creating these messages in a simple Google Doc or Word document, first, is a great place for editing and attaching the best image, kind of like a holding tank of goodness. Then, simply post them when you are ready which prevents knee-jerk posts!

Now, back to the title — Since you are writing blogs which resonate with your ideal client, and you are posting these blogs onto your website, it IS creating a strong search engine optimization program.  These keywords will help put your website at the top of search engines. I promise, this is the best way to optimize your website instead of paying per click.