Talent Development Tools powered by Dale Carnegie

SBAM understands how hard it is to attract and retain employees and keep up with an ever-changing business world.   SBAM’s Talent Development Training Tools powered by Dale Carnegie was specifically created to serve our members through customized certificate paths, that help your employees to learn a series of skills that will make them more valuable leaders, salespeople, and representatives of your company.

One of the best parts of the certificate paths is that they are offered in a Live Online environment, providing the opportunity to strengthen the skillsets of individual employees, managers, and owners, with flexible schedule offerings, and without having to send them away for training.  That means that anyone in the state of Michigan (or around the world for that matter) can access the public trainings, and will have the ability to participate actively from wherever they work. 

Each certificate path awards Digital Certificates, which can be utilized as tangible performance benchmarks, making it easier to track the annual development of your employees!

Through the power of SBAM’s influence, your company now has access to talent development certificate paths that typically cost as much a $1,554 per person, for as little as $199.

Certificates Available for Premium & VIP Members

Sales Essentials Certificate 
Build the skills necessary to earn trust and foster long-lasting client relationships.

  • Appeal to Buyer Motives to Close More Sales (1 hour webinar)
  • Cross and Up Selling (3 hour workshop)
  • Compelling Sales Presentations (3 hour workshop)
  • How to Cold Call and Build New Customers (3 hour workshop)
  • Negotiations – A Human Relations Approach (2 hour workshop)
  • Present to Persuade (1 hour webinar)

Customer Service Certificate 
Make every client interaction an opportunity to deepen brand loyalty and customer
Attitudes for Service (3 hour workshop)

  • Manage Customer Expectations (3 hour workshop)
  • Outstanding Customer Service (1 hour webinar)
  • Transforming Customer Complaints into Opportunities (3 hour workshop)
Professional Effectiveness Certificate 
Learn to deal effectively with challenges, minimize the negative aspects of stress, and
influence others.

  • Create Your Work-life Breakthrough (1 hour webinar)
  • Disagree Agreeably (1 hour webinar)
  • Dream Big, Focus Small: Achieve SMARTER goals (1 hour webinar)
  • Managing Workplace Stress (3 hour workshop)
  • Powerful Conversations to Engage Your Workforce (1 hour webinar)
  • Remember Names To Build Better Professional Relationships (1 hour webinar)
  • Carnegie Tales: Secrets of Success in the Digital Age (self paced)
  • Communicate to Lead (self paced)

Advanced Management Certificate 
Get the skills needed to stop managing and start leading your teams.

  • A Manager’s Guide to Sustainable Employee Engagement (6 hours – 3 session seminars)
  • Getting Results without Authority (1 hour webinar)
  • Lead Change Effectively (2 hour workshop)
  • Leading Across Generations (2 hour workshop)
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace (3 hour workshop)
  • Presentations that Influence People (self paced)

Front Line Management Certificate 
Transition from an individual contributor to an effective front line manager.

  • Meetings that work (2 hour workshop)
  • Performance Reviews that Motivate (1 hour webinar)
  • Secrets to Leading with Assertiveness (1 hour webinar)
  • Secrets to Motivation (2 hour workshop)
  • Step Up Leadership (6 hours – 2 session seminars)
* Each certificate includes several individual courses. Download our BROCHURE for more details.