In 2010, David Hodge wandered into the Chamber Office with a purpose to get connected to his community.  Heather and I were just walking out the door to a Ribbon Cutting for Peck Street Park so he joined us.  Getting to know David, we learned that he had a son with special needs so we referred him to Kenowa AMBUCS. The local non-profit business organization is dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.  From there, he stayed involved with the Chamber in a variety of ways and now serves in a leadership role for AMBUCS.

He didn’t stop there. In 2016, he lead the effort along with community leaders from both Grandville and Walker to create a foundation that supports projects and programs in their communities.    The Grandville Walker Foundation was formed to utilize resources to continually strengthen our community. Fellow board member, Jim Engelking was honored to nominate David for his leadership in the foundation.

On behalf of the Chamber , we are thrilled to be able to recognize all of the contributions David had made and will continue to make. .We love” Connecting Business & Community!”

Sandy LeBlanc, Executive Director | Heather Schaedig, Operations Director

Special thank you to  Kelli Williams, Kenowa AMBUCS – President for her nomination.

Dave Hodge is intricately involved in 2 Organizations that strive to make a difference in the community.    He has been a member of the Kenowa Ambucs since October 2010.   During the past 7 years, Dave has held several board positions and has also presided over the Jenison Memorial race committee since 2012.    Dave is our current Vice President for the 17-18 and will then serve as President for the 18-19 year.    Dave’s dedication to our chapter growth and community visibility are priceless to the success of our club.   Dave is also a part of the newly established Grandville Walker Foundation.   He is not only serving as the President of the Grandville Walker Foundation, he literally built the organization. Dave realized there was no foundation in the Grandville Walker communities and brought together people who were committed to “making two great communities even better.” In a little over one year, the foundation has become a 501c3, has an executive board, created a mission and vision statement and is ready to embark on an endowment campaign to collect funds that will be used to address community needs for both today and the future. The accomplishments of the foundation would not have happened if it wasn’t for Dave and his vision for both today and the future of this place we call home or build our businesses. One of Dave’s favorite phrases is in reference to the fact that he stands on the shoulders of giants, yet he is the one who is truly a giant in this community.