Grandville and Jenison DECA Programs Advance to Nationals 

DECA’s International Career Development Conference and international competition will be in Orlando, Fla.  Each year, the DECA International Career Development Conference gives students the opportunity to meet and compete with thousands of other DECA members from around the world. The conference also gives students the opportunity to interact with important business professionals and compete to win scholarships and awards at DECA’s highest level of competition. DECA helps prepare students for future careers in the areas of marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.

Both programs are fundraising as the cost is $1200 for each student.  They both have a variety of fundraising programs including collecting pop cans to selling Sponsorships and providing marketing services.  Please contact Leesa Burrill, Leesa [email protected] for Grandville and Jordon Whittecar, [email protected] for Jenison.

Jenison Robotics Worlds Championships Fundraising

The Jenison Robotics is sending 5 teams to the World Championships.  They are also doing a “can drive” and a “wet burrito” sale. More info 

OR if you have a business that would like to sponsor them (Jenison Robotics is a 401C registered charity) we will plaster your logo everywhere! details here  And to find out more about this great program go to