What are we most excited to learn about the Chamber and serving as a Director .


Josh and I are very excited to see how the chamber affects the growth of Grandville/Jenison as a whole. We want to do things to better the lives of our Grandville community. We really want to see what you guys have done and how each role in the chamber affects different parts of the community.


Extracurricular activities and volunteer roles…


Brock Walker- As well as being a Co-President to the Grandville DECA program, formally and still an active competitor, I did Professional Selling my first year where I quickly realized that I was made to sell things.  This year I am doing Entrepreneurship and wrote the SBE (School Based Enterprise paper) for Gold standard for Grandville High School.  I have accomplished a lot and learned a lot of leadership skills that came along with the role of president.


Josh Fontaine ,  I am also the Captain of the GHS tennis team and president and founder of the newest ping pong club. I’ve done youth groups and retreats as well as been a member of key club at Grandville where I volunteered for things like Toys for Tots to give back to the less fortunate kids of our community. I also tutor chemistry students in my spare time.