It was Christmas and Juan “went into the dining room and stared at the table in amazement…there was more food than he had ever seen! There was a turkey as big as his baby sister. Potatoes piled so high they looked like they might collapse. There was corn on the cob and fresh green beans, a big bowl of stuffing and pumpkin pie!…Juan said, ”Mama is that a miracle?” –Juanito’s Miracle Christmas by Erik Keener

Will you make a Christmas miracle for 1,000 families in our community this year?

Right now United Church Outreach Ministry (UCOM) is registering 1,000 families for holiday meals—Thanksgiving or Christmas. That’s a lot of food. You, your family, your business or church can be a provider of a miracle meal. You can provide a basket of food for a whole dinner (healthy food suggestions are on our website,; if you can’t find time to shop, UCOM can shop for you—a big family meal + extras costs about $100; or you can provide hams or turkeys to brighten the holiday meal for someone. There are lots of ways to be involved in a miracle holiday for a family that might otherwise have no special celebration on these special days.

Visit UCOM’s website for more information or call 616.240.9616 to talk about ways you can be involved.