Jenna Durham, a 4th Grader at Grandville Christian Elementary has been chosen for the 2018 Future Leader in the Making for the 8-12 age range. Daughter of Terry & Jodi Durham, Jenna is in  ( Spanish immersion program, loves softball and basketball, has danced for 2 years and is involved in GEMS.

Jenna has been described as someone with a kind heart from a very early age, always putting others wants and needs before her own.  She volunteers often at Kids Food Basket and has even had birthday parties where she asks her friends to bring donations for KFB instead of gifts for herself.

She has a “business” called Jenna’s Jars & Jewelry that raises money to help those in need. She has painted jars and made jewelry to raise money for a school in Kenya. She also raises money at Christmas time to hand out to random people at stores. This year she raise $175 by selling snow globes that she made. She heard of a teen girl that wasn’t going to have a Christmas so Jenna purchased gifts for her from the sales of her snow globes.

This winter at a cheer competition, she won the 50/50 drawing, $130. Without any prompting or discussion, she walked up to collect her winnings and said she would like to donate it to the VanderSlice family.  It takes a 10 year old with a big heart to give up $130!!  Jenna is a great example of a “Future Leader” with a Servant’s Heart.

In addition to her parents her family is equally proud of her. – Jenna’s Siblings – Jake & Samantha Durham, Jeff Durham, Jack Durham, Jane Durham      Grandparents – Gordon & Beverly DeBaar, Jim Durham

Jenna will be honored at the Chamber’s Community Awards Reception, Thursday April 26. The celebration is open to the public. $10 at Gleneagle Golf Club. or 616.531.8890.