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The Governor unveiled his Marshall Plan for Talent.

We got just a few more specifics. The plan is $100 million and will be spent on things like:

  • $25M in scholarships and stipends for low-income Michiganders seeking certifications in high-demand careers.
  • Providing incentives to teachers willing to get additional certifications into areas with shortages, like high school physics and career technical education.
  • Grants to schools creating ‘world-class curricula’ that collaborate with businesses to create or expand classes that help prepare students for high-demand careers.
  • Sharing best practices from those curricula and creating certification programs.
  • Grants to schools partnering with businesses to train kids on the same high-tech equipment real businesses use.
  • Incentives for increasing the number of students pursuing careers in cybersecurity.
  • An awareness and outreach campaign to promote career opportunities.
  • A new “Michigan Future Talent Council”
  • ½ of amount going to build onto existing programs we know work

More information can be found here on the plan’s website:,5863,7-336-85008-460819–,00.html