The Center for Michigan is an Ann Arbor nonpartisan nonprofit striving to be the state’s “citizenship company.” We publish Bridge Magazine, the 2016 and 2017 winner of “Michigan’s Best Newspaper.” In 2018, we are hosting the Michigan Truth Tour, a statewide public engagement campaign designed to to ground the upcoming state election in fact and discussion of the state’s most important issues. In this critical election year, we want to ensure Michigan residents have access to reliable information and to know they can turn to Bridge to get informed.

The Truth Tour events is Thursday, May 17 at the Chamber Office.

  • A town hall style conversation on one of five main topics: An Educated Michigan, a Strong Economy, Personal Prosperity, Good Government, and A Great Place to Live. These topics and the discussion we will have are based on what we’ve heard from Michigan residents during the last decade of our Community Conversation series.

For more information, I have attached FAQs for the entire Truth Tour and each activity option. Ideally we would want to set up the mobile newsroom somewhere in town with high foot traffic on the same way we do a town hall and/or documentary viewing, as this allows us to maximize our community reach while in town.


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