Two Men And A Truck Grand Rapids South is proud to organize its 1st annual Movers for Mutts collection Drive.

Monday September 23rd – Friday November 22nd

Movers for Mutts is a program created to help local animal shelters support and foster stray animals.  The following items are on Michele’s Rescue wish list:

Dog Beds, Dog Toys, Shirts, Kiddie Pools, Dog Leashes, Tie Outs/Cables, Flea Combs, Dog Brushes, Cat Hard Food, Cat Soft Food, Kitten Hard Food, Cat Toys, Cat Litter (Clumping), Bleach, Laundry Soap, Dryer Sheets, Mop Heads, 409 Cleaner, Paper Towels.

Items can be dropped off at the Chamber Office or Contact Morgan Nelson at [email protected]