There is still time to join us on Wednesday, September 11 to hear more about this project with Patrick Waterman, Hudsonville City Manager as he shares their initiative to pilot a new regional, commuter-based transportation service in the Chicago Drive corridor that links the communities of Holland, Zeeland, Hudsonville, Grandville and Grand Rapids together. The larger “framework” idea that is exciting leaders is imagining the Chicago Drive corridor as a “Prosperity Corridor” that encourages transit-oriented development patterns and enhances economic growth and quality of life in our region.

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Credit Holland Sentinel

HOLLAND — The Rapid has agreed to potentially be the operator of a regional transit system connecting Holland and Grand Rapids, should plans for the West Michigan Express become reality.

The Rapid has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the West Michigan Express Task Force that identifies the Grand Rapids-area bus system as the future operator of the West Michigan Express, a spokesperson for The Rapid said.

Initial plans call for a three-year pilot using coach buses that would run a route along the Chicago Drive corridor from Grand Rapids to Holland, a heavily-trafficked commute. Eventually building a passenger rail service along the corridor is one of the dreams of the task force.

The Rapid is providing technical and and operational planning support to the project during the conceptual phase.

“We have an MOU which basically specifies that this will be a joint partnership in getting it off the ground. … It doesn’t ensure that they’re going to be the operator in charge, but logically it makes the most sense for them to be,” said Patrick Waterman, Hudsonville city manager. The city of Hudsonville has spearheaded the effort to extend public transit options along the Chicago Drive corridor.