I emailed you last week to talk about urgent needs due to COVID-19. I want to make sure you didn’t miss the message. You wouldn’t normally get an urgent appeal from me like this. These are not normal times.

This virus is forcing families to the edge of disaster by devastating their income.

Will you please make an urgent gift of $35 to provide emergency food for your neighbors?

I just got off the phone from speaking with a worried neighbor, Tom.  He is trying to file for unemployment and has been out of work for over two weeks. The number of people out of work has overwhelmed the unemployment phone line and website and he hasn’t been able to get through to file.  He needs food today to feed his family, and he needs YOU!

Your donation now will provide emergency food to a dad, like Tom who’s unable to pay all of his bills. You save his family from being hungry in this uncertain time.

Already today we have gotten more phone calls from other worried dads, like Tom. Their jobs are at risk or they aren’t working at all. Kids are out of school. Plus grocery store shelves don’t have all the items families need to get by. This is no time to be without food and cleaning products. With over two weeks to go until the stay home order expires, we know the phone calls will keep coming.  Neighbors need you now more than ever!


We didn’t budget for this, we had no way to know this was coming! There are no funds in our budget to meet this unexpected need. But your gift today will provide instant relief to Tom’s family and countless others.


Your action is needed now. Please make your gift at to provide emergency food assistance. You’ll help keep a dad and his kids from wondering if they’ll have enough food for one week … and every day counts right now.

Thank you for always being there for your neighbors!

Bruce Roller

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