All Chambers work to further the interests of businesses, however they all wear different hats and serve different roles. Most local chambers are focused on civic or community issues and many are involved in areas of economic development activities.

Whether you live here or your business is here, you’ve invested here. Chances are you agree with us that our community is a great place to live, work, play and give of our time, talents and resources.

Investing and supporting your local Chamber is one of the ways you can make sure progress and growth remains possible. We are so much so much than a business organization!  While our mission states “Fostering business development and promoting business expansion through community connections”…..We are much more than that!  Working with nonprofits ,partnering with local schools, and staying connected to our local elected officials, local chambers change things in our community every day.

This is done by a willingness to work with others and build alliances, by a willingness to listen and find mutual interests points, and by brainstorming solutions.

Today, as businesses and communities are more dependent upon each other for their success, the chamber’s role has evolved. Chambers today help build stronger communities by keeping its membership focused and involved in top business, civic and social issues and priorities in the community.

To our 450+ members, thank you for your continued support in investing in the Grandville Jenison Communities…

  • Serving as the front door to our community, providing Maps and Directories, serving as an information resource to new residents.
  • Providing community events that connect our citizens. (Music in the Park, Beer, Bands & BBQ, Winter and Fall Expo
  • Supporting local students through scholarships
  • Celebrating our citizens of all ages – Future Leaders in the Making, CItizen’s of the Year. Dennis Van Dam Outstanding Public Servant Award
  • Connecting new businesses through marketing and events.

If your not a member yet, feel free to give us a call at 616.531.8890 or email Sandy LeBlanc at [email protected]

Sandy LeBlanc